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captain kalgan in albany

Please be my guest as I show you the must see and do's of Albany Australia.

Day one points of interest.

 These are big days out for those of you only have a limited time in Albany, or perhaps if you have time you can slow down and take in some of the World’s most fantastic Attractions at your own pace.

Pictures from Kalgan Queen and Albany Clydesdales Incredible Journey.

King George Sound -- Lake Seppings --Kalgan Queen Scenic Cruises -- Sam the Seal Bronze

Oyster Harbour and boat pens

The Ancient Kalgan river. Two Peoples Bay nature reserve. Little beach.

King George Sound

Take the time to stop at the lookouts on Marine Drive, gazing down over King George Sound. Imagine the feeling George Vancouver (22 June 1757 – 10 May 1798) had as he sailed in way back on the 27th of September 1791. Later naming this magnificent Harbour after his King. He named it King George the third Sound, a name it kept until the First World War when the troops sailed to Gallipoli from what is now rated one of the top six Deepwater Harbours in the World. If your here in July or August you may well see a Whale or two as they pass through on their yearly migration.

vancover named king george sound
Lake Seppings    
  p Sam the Seal Bronze
Oyster Harbour and boat pens    
  Kalgan Queen Scenic Cruises  





Day 2 out
Torndirrup National park
Quaranup Quarantine Station
The Gap
The Blow holes
 The Wind farm
Frenchman Bay beach
The old Whaling station
Bird Watching

Albany Australia

The two topchicken in albanyTours and Cruises the Kalgan Queen and the Incredible Journey!!wildlife in albany!!Plus Albany Australia, Attractions, Things to see and do. Points of interest and where to stay in WA.

captain kalgan in albany

Please be my guest as I show you the must see and do's of Albany Austral, click for:-

Short video of scenic Albany

Oyster Harbour or Kalgan River

Albany Australia!

Why the Chickens? I will tell you at the end of this Tour. If you want good information about anywhere including Albany Australia points of interest it is important to get local knowledge, please be my guest and let my 24 years experience in Albany make your stay the best! Starting with the Tours and Cruises the pictures on the right show you wildlife and scenery seen on the Kalgan River the Oldest flowing river in the World. You can visit this area on 'Kalgan Queen Scenic Cruises' 08 9844 3166 or "The Incredible Journey" which is a Cruise Wine Wagon Dine, 08 9844 3177. Both are 4 hours and the two top tours, things to see and do in Albany.

Pictures from Kalgan Queen and Albany Clydesdales Incredible Journey.


King George Sound

Cruise the sheltered waters of Oyster Harbour and the ancient Kalgan River.  Like a journey through time you will take the path of the first settlers as they discovered the natural and stunning beauty of what became W.A.’s first settlement.  Meet Percy the dancing Pelican, Sea Eagles and other wildlife very close to the boat, whilst watching Giant Rays through the boats glass bottom.  You can see Kangaroos in the wild, this is a great attraction as we take a quick trip on the banks of the Kalgan in a wagon.  Enjoy hot savoury damper with your billy tea and coffee.   There is a live, humerous yet comprehensive commentary which covers local poems, Aboriginal Dreamtime, history, the Anzac legend and so much more.  This has to be the best thing to see and do as you will learn more about Albany in four hours than some people do in a lifetime

08 9844 3166 ring 7am till 7pm

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Full half day [four hour] with a commentary as long and flowing as the River itself. Cruise the “Sheltered Waters” of Oyster Harbour and the ancient Kalgan River, marvel at the wildlife and scenic beauty.. Wagon train through the bush with Major Edmond Lockyer seeing Kangaroos in the wild, to a light meal of Billy Tea, Coffee “Hot Damper” and homemade soup at Clyde’s Tea Rooms. Then return by boat to Emu Point Boat Pens.

The Incredible journey

08 9844 3177 Contact 7 AM TILL 7 PM

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Albany WA Australia

(pronounced albini is a main port/city located in the Great Southern area of Western Australia. Some 396 kilometres 240miles southeast of Perth.As of 2011, Albany’s population is approximate 36,001 making it the sixth-largest city in the state of WA Australia.

Albany WA was proclaimed on the 27th January 1827 by Major Edmond Lockyer as a military outpost of New South Wales as part of a plan to forestall French ambition in the region. The area was initially named Frederickstown named after Prince Frederick, Duke of York and Albany (Albany being Alba a section of Scotland). In 1831 Governor James Stirling transferred the settlement to the control of the Swan River Colony and renamed it Albany. Mount Clarence bound the Central Business District. To the east and Mount Melville to the west. The city is situated in the Local Government Area of the City of Albany WA.

A short video of Scenic Albany.

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Oyster Harbour and Emu Pointsam the seal

Oyster Harbour is the most sheltered Harbour in Albany which is near Emu Point. This is where Kalgan Queen Riverboat, tours, cruises and Albany WA Australia Clydesdale Horse Wagon Tours depart from. The Harbour is good for fishing, bird watching and wildlife and also home to one of only four places where Pelicans breed in WA.

The Kalgan River

The Kalgan River which flows into Oyster Harbour is one of the oldest Rivers in the World and home to the Kalgan Queen Riverboat. Many people believe its scenic beauty and wildlife far exceed the French Riviere des Fancaise after which it was named in 1803 by the French explorer Nicholas Baudin.During the late nineteenth and early twentieth century’s the Albany served as a gateway to the Eastern Goldfields and for many years was Western Australia’s only deep water port, making it a place of importance for shipping services between the UK and its Australian colonies. The construction of Fremantle Harbour in 1893 saw its importance as a port decline. After which Albany industries turned primarily to agriculture and timber and, later, whaling and tourisum. Unlike Perth and Fremantle WA, Albany was a strong supporter of Federation in 1901.

kalgan river

Kalgan River Albany Australia

boat across albany

Albany WA Beaches Coastline

and Attractions

Today Albany Australia is recognised as having the most scenic coastline in AustraliaTourists love the Kalgan Queen Riverboat trip and the Horse drawn Wagon tour are favourite Attractions. Albany WA is the top spot from which to explore the south west of the state and is recognised for its natural beauty and preservation of heritage. With the exception of the Esplanade Hotel. Albany WA is the oldest permanently settled town in Western Australia, predating Perth and Fremantle by some two years. Despite what the Tours in Perth tell you! Click ALBANY BEACHES for more infomation and pictures.

crystal waters albany beach

Albany Beach's and Coastline

Albany Australia Home to Anzac Service

Albany Australia is the home of the Anzac legend, being the last port of call for troopships departing Australia in the First World War. Ships carrying the Australian Imperial Force and the New Zealand Expeditionary Force (later known collectively as Anzacs to Europe to join World War I gathered at Albany Australia in October 1914. They 38 ships departed in convoy on 1 November 1914. There were more than 30,000 troops with over 7500 horses.

Albany Australia ANZAC

Albany Australia home to ANZAC

Albany Australia home to ANZAC

The memorial to the Desert Mounted Corps is on top of Mount Clarence. The memorial consists of a statue of an Australian mounted soldier helping a New Zealand soldier whose horse has been wounded. There is a wall bearing the words "Lest We Forget". A dawn service was started in Albany Australia by a Church of England Priest Called the Reverend Arthur White Today several thousand people participate in this service each year.

In Herberton Nth Queensland there is a grave just marked. A Priest. Next to the grave a marker which reads, quote: - Adjacent to, and on the right of this marker, lies the grave of the late Reverend Arthur Ernest White, a Church of England clergyman and padre, 44th Battalion, First Australian Imperial Force.

On 25th April 1923, at Albany in Western Australia, the Reverend White led a party of friends in what was the first ever observance of a Dawn parade on ANZAC Day, thus establishing a tradition which has endured, Australia wide ever since.

albany oyster harbour pelican

Albany Australia Accommodation

You need to know where to stay and the choice is as varied as your needs and price range. But to help you with a good choice we have our special Albany Accommodation page, which covers, Beach accommodation, B&B, Caravan Park, Hotel Motel accommodation . For detailed information just click on


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Any information about Albany can be found by clicking on the top buttons do enjoy Albany Western Australia it is very special.

The Kalgan Queen is famous for its hot Damper

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Middleton Beach, Albany Australia: The city centre of Albany is located between the hillsMuttonbird Island. CLICK FOR ALBANY BEACHES WITH PICTURES. It is 408 kilometres (254 miles] south-southeast of the state capital, Perth, to which it is linked by the Albany Highway and the Highway 1 (a less direct but more scenic route).






Whale Watching540 species of birds including the Long Beaked Black Cockatoo Baudin. Of these around 15 are endemic to the state. The best areas for birds are the southwestern corner of the state and the area around Broome and the Kimberley. Birdwatching

The Flora of WA, comprises 9437 published native vascular plant species of 1543 genera within 226 families, there are also 1171 naturalised alien or invasive plant species more commonly known as weeds. In the south west region are some of the largest numbers of plant species for its area in the world.

William Henry Harvey published a five-volume Phycologia Australia, which was issued in parts between 1858 and 1863. He earned the title of father of Australian Phycology. His main collection is in the herbarium of Trinity College Dublin; there is also a large collection of his specimens in the Ulster Museum, Belfast.

The first inhabitants of Australia arrived from the north approximately 40,000 to 60,000 years ago. Over thousands of years they eventually spread across the whole landmass. These Indigenous Australians were well established throughout WA by the time of European explorers began to arrive in the early seventeenth century.

The first European to visit WA was a Dutch explorer, Dirk Hartog who on 26 October 1616 landed at what is now known as Cape silver star on kalgan riverInscription, Dirk Harthog Island. For the rest of the 17th century, many other Dutch travellers enountered the coast, usually unintentionally. By the late 18th century, British and French sailors had begun to explore the WA coast.

The origins of the present state of WA began with the establishment of a British settlement at King George Sound in 1826 (later named Albany from 1832). The settlement was founded in response to British concerns about the possibility of a French colony being established on the coast of WA.

In 1829, Captain James Stirling established the Swan River Colony, on the Swan River, WA. By 1832, the British settler population of the colony had reached around 1,500. The two separate townsites of the colony developed slowly into the port city of Fremantle and the state's capital, Perth WA.

Population growt



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